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Our friend, her husband and 6 kids had to start from scratch after they lost their house and everything in it to a fire started by neighbors making meth.  They had no insurance and were now homeless.  Through your support, we were able to pay half their rent and fully furnish their new place. We prayed for them and they both now have jobs and are helping other families in the ​community.



A single mom with 10 kids purchased a house and it was a real fixer upper.  We were able to support her with supplies, encouragement, prayers, food, clothing and furniture while she and a few friends fixed up her house.

Christmas Presents

Families Helping Families

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It is hard to tell about love, as so much of it pours out from us and we can pour it into others.  We have so many testimonies to share about light and love...

Image by Rod Long

Zadok means "righteous" in Hebrew and we hold to Jesus and trust him as there are many more families that we have helped and need our help.  We can only do this through Jesus.  


Fun was had by all at the park where we served barbeque to 150 people and gave out 200 backpacks.  We prayed over all the students to have a safe school year.


For Christmas we served several families with clothes, gifts, and small trees for the families we serve.

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