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Family Christmas

For Christmas we serve several families with clothes, gifts, and small trees.


Street Ministry

We meet and serve many families through our street ministry where we put up tables and fill them with all our donations.


Having the opportunity to meet with families in the park and gather in corporate prayer, brings a feeling of God's great love and peace to neighborhoods.

Park Gatherings

Christmas Presents

This past Christmas, we were able to help hundreds of families with gifts, blankets and coats.  Your donations go are what keep us going.  Thank you all and may God bless you!

Seasonal Needs

Families Helping Families

It is hard to tell about love, as so much of it pours out from us and we can pour it into others.  We have so many testimonies to share about light and love...

Image by Rod Long

Zadok means "righteous" in Hebrew and we hold to Jesus and trust him as there are many more families that we have helped and need our help.  We can only do this through Jesus.  

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