Through the love of Christ, The Zadok Wrestling Club offers the youth in North St. Louis a way off the streets to break the cycle of drugs, poverty, and violence.



Make North St. Louis a wrestling powerhouse and create a legion of wrestlers living and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How we Help

Wrestling is a sport unlike any other that requires a great deal of individualized attention.  Through that attention, our coaches teach not only wrestling, but how to love and care for one another as Christ loves and cares for them.


Why Wrestle?​

  • Youth learn not to quit

  • Create a positive self-image

  • Instill discipline, focus, and dedication

  • Teach youth to take care of their body and equipment

  • Learn to work well with others

  • Opportunity to win gracefully or accept disappointment


  • Teach youth to set and reach goals

  • Teach youth to respect themselves and those around them

  • ​Teach them it takes time, dedication and hard work to be successful

  • Create lifelong friendships and memories​

The Zadok Wrestling Club desires to bring every youth to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



Why St. Louis

St. Louis has a lot of things to offer, the Arch, the Cardinals and Blues, City Museum, The Zoo among many other great attractions, but it is also considered the most dangerous city in the United States.  And it is our youth who are becoming the innocent victims of crime.