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House of Zadok Ministries is a local, faith based family run non-profit organization serving Fairgrounds Park, Peace Park and Hyde Park neighborhoods.  These are three of the top ranked neighborhoods for violent crimes in the St. Louis area.

The mission of the House of Zadok is to meet the daily needs of families living in poverty by providing clothing, food, hygiene products, bus passes, job encouragement, as well as furniture and appliances.  


In 2013, Coach Nisbet and his wife Venus started House of Zadok ministries with a dream to restore hope to communities and families in North St. Louis.  Born and raised in the area, Ron and his family decided to follow God's will to pour light, love, and hope inside homes where most only see darkness and loneliness.

House of Zadok empowers families by praying for and helping others as they have been helped by offering encouragement and love.

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